What's so special about Balsamic Vinegar?

What's so special about Balsamic Vinegar?

Balsamic vinegar adds a syrupy, balanced mix of sweetness and tartness to any dish it’s drizzled or splashed over. Made with a base of Australian red wine vinegar, caramelised sugar, and natural fruit extract, no ‘nasties’ are added to our range of balsamic vinegar. 

We offer some mainstays as well as seasonal limited editions. Each variation of our range of award-winning, 100% Australian-made balsamic vinegar adds a whole new layer of flavour. Alongside our BBQ rubs, balsamic vinegar is brilliant for marinating meats, and it can be enjoyed as a dip for fresh breads when mixed with olive oil and exciting gourmet salts

While traditional balsamic vinegar is made with concentrated, fermented, acidified, and aged grape juice, modern balsamic vinegar like ours combines fruit concentrate with wine vinegar before being aged in barrels over months. The result is a bold, sweet, smokey, fruity glaze that’s the perfect addition to any dinner table.


One thing we all love about balsamic vinegar is that it’s a brilliant all-rounder. There’s a place for it in just about every dish, including dessert. Our Bourbon Maple Splash Balsamic Vinegar proves just how far you can take balsamic vinegar. As well as enhancing salads and meats, it can be drizzled over a Canadian-style pancake stack. Just add in some streaky bacon rashers to tie in that sweet-salty element. You’ll see.

Even among creamy cheeses and gorgeous fruits, the Cheeseboard Splash Balsamic Vinegar is rich enough to steal the show. It pairs especially well with blue cheese, camembert, and goat’s cheese, but can also be used as a dressing or marinade. And tossing tofu and eggplant in our Honey Garlic Splash with garlic and sesame oil in a wok creates a wonderfully sticky dish.

We also offer a sensational Classic Caramelised Splash Balsamic Vinegar to finish off everything from a tasty tomato bruschetta to a Caprese salad to succulent lamb shanks. Over ice cream, it provides a refreshing take on dessert!



Like unopened wine, the shelf life of balsamic vinegar is pretty much infinite. Simply keep your balsamic vinegar away from heat and light, and make sure you close the lid properly so that contaminants are kept at bay. Being highly acidic, balsamic vinegar naturally prevents the growth of bacteria. Once opened, it can sit in the pantry for several years.


All our balsamic vinegar is gluten-free. Our variations are made with a base of caramelised sugar, Australian red wine vinegar, and natural fruit extract.

There are some imitation balsamic vinegars that contain gluten as a thickening agent, but traditional balsamic vinegar is made from a concentration of fruit extract and is free from gluten. 


Yes, it’s safe for women to eat balsamic vinegar.


Traditionally, balsamic vinegar is made with just-harvested grape juice that’s concentrated, fermented, acidified, and then aged 12 to 25 years or longer in wood barrels. Modern balsamic vinegar like ours combines fruit concentrate and wine vinegar to speed up acidification before being aged for a few months in barrels. The result? A wonderfully syrupy mix of sweetness and tartness.

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