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Assorted Artisan Chocolate Gift bag

Assorted Artisan Chocolate Gift bag

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Can’t Decide What You Want? Choose Them All!

Why settle for just one when you can experience the full range of our exquisite artisan chocolates? Our carefully curated assortments allow you to indulge in a variety of flavours and textures, ensuring a delightful treat for every palate.

Our Assorted Artisan Chocolate Gift bag includes: 

Dark Chocolate bark, 100g: Salted dark chocolate indulgence. A decadent treat that combines the rich, intense flavour of dark chocolate with a touch of sea salt. This pairing creates a sophisticated flavour profile, balancing the bitterness of dark chocolate with the subtle, savoury notes of salt. 
Ingredients: 53.9% Cocoa Solid Dark Chocolate, Sugar, Butter, Water, Glucose, Sea salt.
Milk Chocolate bark, 100g: Discover this winning combination of rich milk chocolate and the light, slightly crunchy texture of coconut, making it a delightful treat for many dessert lovers.
Ingredients: Milk Chocolate Couverture (34% Cocoa Solids), Coconut - shredded and flaked.
White Chocolate bark, 100g: A total delightful indulgence, where smooth white chocolate marries freeze dried raspberries. A perfect treat to yourself or to impress someone special.
Ingredients: White Chocolate, Caster sugar, Honey, Glucose, Bicarb soda, Freeze dried raspberries. 
*Each chocolate comes wrapped in a separate cellophane bag.
Handmade with love in Australia 
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