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Handcrafted Paring knife + Premium Gin + Wine Hamper

Handcrafted Paring knife + Premium Gin + Wine Hamper

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If uniqueness is what you are looking for, this is your lucky day!

This unique pack comes wrapped in a sustainable package.


1. Nix Gin, Premium craft distillery, pure Andes dry spirit, small batch, Chile (750ml):  Made in Chile with dedication at the Cordillera de los Andes (Andes Mountain range) with glacier water and endemic botanicals, Nix Gin is the result of a careful selection of traditional London Dry and endemic Andes mountains botanicals. A Gin in which the juniper berries stand out and are highlighted with botanicals such as rosehip, myrtle, maqui, lime peel, coriander, cardamom, black and pink pepper, among others. An Andes Dry Gin with a classical touch, versatile and elegant on the palate; and, distilled in small Chilean copper stills in Colchagua Valley's Mountain foothills. 


On the nose: Classic juniper and citrus along with floral and herbs. 

On the palate: Harmonious balance of floral and peppery with Juniper and rose hip. 

Finish: Medium with earthy and spicey notes.

• Variety: Andes Dry
• Botanicals: Juniper, Rose Hip, Cardamom, Black Pepper, Coriander, Chilean Myrtle, Lemon, and Ginger.
• Base spirit: Five-times distilled corn distillate with 96% alc/vol.
• Water: Glacial spring water
• Distillation process: Macerated for 24 hours and then distilled in copper stills, where botanicals are added into the gin basket. Electronic temperature control is used to ensure a measured distillation  process.
• Infusion: One month in temperature-controlled stainless-steel tanks.
• Distilled in the Alto Colchagua Region, Chile

2. Your choice of 1 bottle of the following wine options:

-2021 Rutini Wines, Trumpeter Reserve, Malbec, Argentina: Intense garnet, with purple reflections. The floral and fruity aromatic notes can be easily appreciated. The harmonious roundness and long finish is achieved, in part, through the soft, juicy tannins.

-2021 Trumpeter Rose de Malbec Rutini Wines, Argentina: Salmon pink with coral reflections. Bubbles are fine and continuous from the initial pour. Ripe red fruit notes such as cherry and strawberry combine with baked quince and toast. The complexity persists through a fresh and mellow finish. This wine goes great with appetizers, lobster, avocado and shrimps hors d'oeuvres, fruit desserts, red fruit crumble, tarte tatin. This Rose displays a classic colour with eye catching pink hues. Aromas of cherries and strawberries combine with subtle white flowers. Fruity yet delicate and remarkably fresh on the palate. 

-2020 Rutini Wines Encuentro Malbec Mendoza Valley Argentina: Many believe the best Malbec grapes in Mendoza today are being grown in the La Consulta area. Our vines in this highly coveted region reach ages of up to 65 years. The concentrated yields produced by these vines, combined with the high altitude, cool air and intense sunshine in this region, create grapes with rich, complex fruit character, deep colour and smooth, ripe tannins. Felipe Rutini Malbec has a concentrated nose with elements of wild berries, tobacco and vanilla. The palate is full, with rich black fruit flavours and a long, lingering finish with a touch of black pepper spice.

3. Ironclad Paring knife: The limited edition 10cm Paring Knife is hand-made to order in partnership with Victory Knives and Shear Edge™️. The undyed, natural wool fibres result in a unique cream colour and variations in tone for every handle. A short-bladed knife is commonly used for precise slicing, dicing, peeling and mincing, doubling up as a handy steak knife. An extension of your thumb and forefinger, the Paring Knife will allow you to cut with minimal hand motion.

The Paring Knife comes with a lifetime guarantee.

  • Weight - approximately one medium sized heirloom tomato (150g)
  • 100mm blade length
  • 19mm blade height at handle
  • 125mm handle length
  • Hand wash with scrubbing brush and hot soapy water
  • Hand-made in Aotearoa, New Zealand
  • Made with our friends at Victory Knives


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