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RUSTIKO Solid Gourmet Pro + Rose Hamper

RUSTIKO Solid Gourmet Pro + Rose Hamper

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Discover our best Hamper so far. A combination of our award winning spices and balsamic vinegar, a unique & high-quality handcrafted paring knife, a solid/eco friendly chopping board, and an exquisite Rose of Malbec, from Argentina. 

Indulge that special person with this unique gift, made 100% by hand with love, passion and respect for our Planet. 

This unique pack comes wrapped in a sustainable package.


Bourbon maple splash balsamic vinegar 250ml: You have never tried anything like this before, we promise! Whether you use it as a finishing sauce, marinade or salad dressing, this vinegar will wow you. And if you love bacon then you just have to have Bourbon Maple Splash Balsamic Vinegar in your life. Drizzle over your bacon while frying and enjoy the sweet and salty flavours marry in your mouth. Create a perfect marinade for beef, chicken or pork. Mix it with sauce, maple or honey to baste on chicken wings. Drizzle to top salads or cheese, or add depth of flavour to low and slow cooked meals.

BBQ master rub 50g: Our All Rounder! You just can't go wrong. Add instant flavour to any dish. The perfect blend to rub on all meats, use as a marinade base or add to oil and sauces. With hints of mustard and paprika it gives the perfect BBQ flavour. Why not try it on corn on the cob, flamed capsicum or chargrilled vegetables. The perfect companion for the barbecue lover!

Lime Pepper Grinder, 70g: This fragrant finishing Grinder Salt adds a burst of freshness to any dish. A salt, pepper, lime combination destined to become a favourite for everyday use. Adds a burst of fresh zesty flavour to salads, eggs, seafood, Mexican and Mediterranean cuisine, and is the perfect combination with Avocado.

Paring Knife: The limited edition 10cm Paring Knife is hand-made to order in partnership with Victory Knives and Shear Edge™️. The undyed, natural wool fibres result in a unique cream colour and variations in tone for every handle.

A short-bladed knife, commonly used for precise slicing, dicing, peeling and mincing, doubling up as a handy steak knife. An extension of your thumb and forefinger, the Paring Knife will allow you to cut with minimal hand motion.

The Paring Knife comes with a lifetime guarantee.

  • Weight - approximately one medium sized heirloom tomato (150g)
  • 100mm blade length
  • 19mm blade height at handle
  • 125mm handle length
  • Hand wash with scrubbing brush and hot soapy water
  • Hand-made in Aotearoa, New Zealand
  • Made with our friends at Victory Knives

2020/21 Trumpeter Rose de Malbec, Rutini Wines: Salmon pink with coral reflections. Bubbles are fine and continuous from the initial pour. Ripe red fruit notes such as cherry and strawberry combine with baked quince and toast. The complexity persists through a fresh and mellow finish. This wine goes great with appetizers, lobster, avocado and shrimps hors d'oeuvres, fruit desserts, red fruit crumble, tarte tatin. This Rose displays a classic colour with eye catching pink hues. Aromas of cherries and strawberries combine with subtle white flowers. Fruity yet delicate and remarkably fresh on the palate. 

RUSTIKO Camphor Laurel chopping board: A hand crafted Camphor Laurel chopping board, sourced sustainably from the hinterland of Byron Bay. Each piece of wood is selected for its grain quality and handcrafted into a unique, long lasting, professional quality chopping board. Camphor laurel is a hard wood of medium density, with beautiful colour and grain patterns. Not only is it great for knives, its natural antibacterial property is for life.

This handy board is great for preparing anything in the kitchen. It's versatility as both an anti-bacterial chopping board and stunning presentation platter makes these boards a modern kitchen’s must have item. 

*Comes with a hole for hanging or carrying and soft round edge finish.

*Handcrafted into a long-lasting, professional quality chopping board.

*Each board is a unique piece, they all come in different colours and grain patterns. 


100% Australian product


360x250x25mm, approx

Weight 1.4 kg, approx


Wash with warm water and soap, best to dry in the rack, not behind the taps (too much water). Do not soak in water or put in dishwasher - you don’t need to as the wood holds its anti-bacterial properties for life.


Depending on use, re-oil your board every month or whenever it looks a bit dull.

Re-oil your boards with any Board care oil. This is totally Food Safe, contains Mineral oil with a natural Camphor fragrance and can be applied directly to a dry board with paper towel, cloth or unused T-shirt.


Camphor laurel is naturally Anti-Bacterial for life because of the natural oils found within the properties of the wood.


Your board will get very fine knife marks that will blend in over time, rather than big chunks like the cheap, bamboo boards or bits of plastic from plastic boards.


The body of your board is made from Camphor laurel timber. We use a tongue and groove jointing on extra large boards so they are strong and will give you many years of use. Your board is made from Camphor laurel sourced sustainably from Byron Bay and other areas of New South Wales. Camphor laurel is an ECO Friendly timber, which means you’re doing a good thing for the environment when you purchase one of our boards!


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