Collection: Chopping boards

A hand crafted Camphor Laurel chopping board, sourced sustainably from the hinterland of Byron Bay. Each piece of wood is selected for its grain quality and handcrafted into a unique, long lasting, professional quality chopping board.

Camphor laurel is a hard wood of medium density, with beautiful colour and grain patterns. Not only is it great for knives, its natural antibacterial property is for life.

This handy board is great for preparing anything in the kitchen. Its versatility as both an anti-bacterial chopping board and stunning presentation platter makes these boards a modern kitchen’s must have item. 

*Comes with a hole for hanging or carrying and a soft round edge finish.

*Handcrafted into a long-lasting, professional quality chopping board.

*Each board is a unique piece, they all come in different colours and grain patterns. 


100% Australian product