Collection: Ironclad Pan Co.

To leave something behind, you need a product that will last, and a planet to leave it in.

The Ironclad Pan Company was founded in 2019 by Kate Slavin, Levi Slavin and Joe Carter, and since then they have been producing the only cast iron cookware with a Three Generation Guarantee™.  Their aim was to create a sustainable product that would mean a return to beautiful craft and traditional techniques. In an era of disposable stuff and low quality imports, they wanted to create a product that would last for generations. Not to mention also reducing the millions of Teflon pans being sent to landfill every year, leaching potentially harmful chemicals into our soil.


Made to last 100 years. Guaranteed. One day this baby will be used by your baby’s babies.


A delicate porous finish transforms into a naturally non-stick surface.


Iron in every meal. No Teflon. Naturally.


100% recycled iron means no materials are taken from the ground.


A 5mm cast iron surface holds and distributes heat evenly.


From induction cooktop to roaring campfire, Ironclad can cook on any surface.